Leonard Szymczak on Fatherhood & Maturity with the ManKind Project USA

A conversation with Leonard Szymczak about fatherhood, his TEDx talk, and the evolution of men’s work, with MKP USA’s Communications Director Boysen Hodgson

Szymczak has been a marriage and family therapist for over 30 years, and part of a men’s group for over 35 years. 

“Men are floundering … and we definitely need to be connected through a men’s group.” 

“The men’s movement has tended to be more separate, more “I” work, and what we’re needing now is more “We” work.” 

In this conversation we talk about the changing world of the men’s work, how the work continues to evolve and change through the lenses of therapy, culture, and integral theory. 

We talk about the responsibility of maturity for men in our culture, the necessary collaboration and partnership between men and women, avoiding blame and attack. 

Link to the ManKind Project: https://mankindproject.org
Link to the ManKind Project USA: http://mkpusa.org
Link to Leonard’s TEDx: https://www.ted.com/talks/leonard_szymczak_in_the_age_of_superheroes_where_are_the_fathers
Link to Szymczak’s website: https://leonardszymczak.com/ 



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