About the Journal

The ManKind Project Journal is published by The ManKind Project. The Journal features articles relating to diverse men’s issues, personal and social, as viewed by ManKind Project members and special guests. The Journal also presents news and announcements from The ManKind Project communities around the world.

The ManKind Project is a not-for-profit international training and educational organization. MKP teaches integrity, accountability, emotional intelligence, leadership, service, and inclusive diversity through 39 centers within the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand. Since 1985, more than 40,000 men have experienced MKP’s New Warrior Training Adventure.

The men in MKP  embody an incredible diversity of viewpoints and knowledge. No single ‘voice’ represents MKP. We are an amalgam of the hearts and minds of our members. Sharing a dedication to making the world a brighter and safer place for everyone, we explore our own internal landscapes — taking responsibility for our actions, making life-affirming choices, and offering our service to the world in myriad ways.

MKP has collected and published content from our members for more than a decade, creating a number of local and national publications distributed among members of the organization. We acknowledge the many years of service that men have offered and the millions of words they have expressed on paper or computer monitors. We look forward to sharing some of the wonderful archive work that exists as we expand.’

With the introduction of the ManKind Project Journal, MKP is reaching out to a broader audience to share our stories, views and knowledge about Men’s Health, Men’s Emotional Growth, Mentoring, Eldership and Mature Masculinity. We hope that you find enjoyment, honesty and heart in these pages.

Submissions: The Journal is interested in considering editorial proposals about men’s issues from members of the MKP community and talented writers, photographers, videographers and other creative people who care about men’s issues. We welcome proposals from men and women outside the ManKind Project. Rather than sending an email to the editor, please assist us by only using the editorial submissions form to submit your proposals – after reading the submission guidelines. We welcome diversity among our contributors.

Current Editor: Boysen Hodgson has been the ManKind Project Marketing Team Chair since 2007. He graduated suma cum laude with a BA in English Literature and Writing from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. Boysen owns H2O Marketing, Inc., a Graphic Design, Marketing, Branding and Web Development company in western Massachusetts.  Boysen has been active in men’s circles since 2004, he lives in Springfield Massachusetts with his wife, Kendra.

Judah Freed, NWJ EditorPast Editor: Judah Freed was the first editor of The Mankind Project Journal when it premiered in 2009. A fourth generation native of Colorado, he is an internationally published journalist, author, speaker, educator, consultant, life coach, and healer. Judah initiated into MKP through the New Warrior Training Adventure in March 2005 at Buena Vista, Colorado. He’s been active in the “men’s lib” movement for three decades, including service as co-chair of the Colorado Men’s Network. Judah is a declared elder in MKP.

Questions? Please contact editor

Editorial Policy on Controversial topics:

Acknowledging the impact that a controversial article may have on readers, including the risk of wounding or re-traumatizing a reader, The MKP Journal will only publish single-viewpoint articles about controversial values-based or multicultural issues after consulting with someone from the affected group(s); articles may be published with an advisory about the potential impact. The Journal further may invite articles from all sides on controversial issues for inclusion in the same edition, when possible, or a subsequent edition.

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