On the Impacts of Pornography

An in depth conversation about pornography with Joerg Calvis of the ManKind Project Germany, founder of the ‘Open Green Heart‘ (https://humanmankind.com/) problem, and Gary Wilson, author, researcher, and creator of the site ‘Your Brain On Porn‘ (http://yourbrainonporn.com). 

In this conversation we explore: 

  • the ‘old’ porn vs. the ‘new’ porn
  • voyeurism vs agency
  • novelty, repetition, and arousal
  • the brain science of pornography 
  • how common is porn addiction
  • porn and erectile dysfunction
  • how men are ‘waking up’ to the harms of pornography
  • pornography and health as men of integrity
  • what men can do to actively reclaim their lives
  • the Open Green Heart accountability process
  • can we come back from porn addiction?

This powerful conversation was inspired by Joerg Calvis, and I am deeply grateful for the opportunity. If you want to learn more and take action, please see the resources below from the broadcast. 

Pornography is ubiquitus in western culture. What is the impact it’s having on young people, who are growing up surrounded by it? Why are we not talking about it more? I view this as a crisis in our culture that can only be healed if we begin to openly face it and talk about it. This is not to say that I believe that all use of porn is damaging or harmful to the viewer. Just as I would not say that all use of alcohol or any other substance is always damaging or harmful. But I think that we must, as a culture, face the reality of the changes we are making to our brains, our natural reward systems, and our relationships with men and women as a result of porn use. 

In this wide-ranging conversation, we cover multiple aspects of the topic: from evidence of the problem, the phsysiology of porn use, brain neurology, recognizing our connection to porn, and paths to recovery. 

Gary Wilson “The Great Porn Experiment” TEDx: https://youtu.be/wSF82AwSDiU 

Your Brain on Porn: https://yourbrainonporn.com

Open Green Heart Project: https://humanmankind.com/

The ‘No Fap’ Movement: https://www.reddit.com/r/NoFap/ 

In the Realm of the Hungry Ghosts,” by Dr. Gabor Maté 



Author: Boysen Hodgson

Boysen Hodgson is the Communications Director for the ManKind Project USA, part of a global brotherhood of nonprofits conducting transformational initiation programs for men, and supporting a network of men’s groups serving over 10,000 men every week. He’s the author of “The New Macho,” a 21st century credo for the mature masculine. His mission is to transform culture by co-creating space for connection. He’s a dedicated husband and a proud papa.

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