How do we ‘Shape the Future’ together? the 4 Story-Changes

Shaping the Future

by Chris Kyle

Shaping the Future: Living Your Purpose in Chaotic Times live online training being held on October 11th at 5:00 pm PDT / 8:00 pm EDT (share this event with your friends here:

First, let me explain what I mean by ‘shaping the future.’ We can either be in constant reaction-mode to whatever is happening in our world — both at the local level in our personal lives and at the global level — or we can consciously respond to what is happening around us and make choices to co-create a new story for our culture and for our own lives.

Shaping the future is about living into this new story…one where we are taking full responsibility for our own lives and responding to the world’s challenges with our gifts, our purpose, openness and compassion.

The challenge is that our current cultural story keeps us locked into an outdated, oppositional, survival-of-the-fittest mode of being and acting.

So, here are what I see as the “4 Story-Changes” that are needed for us to shape a brighter, more inspiring future that is possible for humanity:


Story Change #1: Letting go of the story that success in life is defined solely by money and power

This story has created much pain and destruction in the world over the millennia, but it is beginning to show the cracks in it’s hold over us. This story has a simple equation: the more money and power I have, the more success I will experience.

>> The emerging story is that happiness, meaning and service are more evolved definers of our ‘success’ as human beings on planet Earth…even if wealth and power are still present.


Story Change #2: Letting go of the story that there is NOT enough

This is the story of scarcity and lack that holds us in a cycle of seeking to HAVE more and more so we don’t have to face the fear of losing it all. This creates the zero-sum game with continual competition for any and all resources.

> The emerging story is that I/we don’t need much to be happy and supported, and there is more than enough to go around…even within the natural disparities of life.


Story Change #3: Letting go of the story that being in control creates safety

This story puts a stranglehold on openness, acceptance, creativity, passion and a deeper understanding of self and other. Seeking to have control over situations and people provides only the illusion of safety.

>> The emerging story here is that releasing the tight-grip of control opens the way for greater trust in the unfolding of our lives…even when what is asked of us feels like a total loss of control at times.


Story Change #4: Letting go of the story of separateness

This is a story of disconnection and isolation — you’re over there and I’m over here; you need this and I need that; you can do it on your own and I can do it on my own. This story perpetuates the erroneous belief that at the deepest level we are separate from each other and all of life.

>> The emerging story is that we are interconnected and interwoven at all levels and that what we do to the other we do to ourselves…even when we make the tough choices that might “hurt” another.

Following your deepest calling and living your purpose actively in the world is one of the ways that we are able to pierce these old stories within our own lives. And then by learning to more deeply trust others along the path we start breaking down the walls of separateness and remove the shackles of our controller.

In the online training next week, we’ll be exploring the Myths of Success and the 3 Purpose Principles that will help you in creating a new story for your life while inviting you into the vanguard of change agents collectively shifting us into the new cultural story.\

See you on the call – Tuesday Oct 11, 2016

To living your purpose,



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Chris Kyle

Chris Kyle is a speaker, teacher and eLearning expert who is committed to empowering global messengers to bring their gifts and their purpose to an evolving world.

He is the creator and host of the Power of Purpose Global Summit, which had over 12,000 participants from 85 countries, the Man on Purpose 7-Week Online Course for men; and he co-hosted the Conscious Men Summit with John Gray and Arjuna Ardagh. He’s the co-author with Brandon Peele of The Purpose Activation Blueprint.



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