Winter is coming to the Plains

Editors Note: Tim Yakaitis is one of a number of #NewWarrior men actively collaborating to support the protests on the Standing Rock Lakota Reservation. The ManKind Project has a proud and long history of connection in the area. Learn more.

by Tim Yakaitis, 

I returned last night from my second trip to the Standing Rock Lakota reservation where now over 6000 people from more than 200 tribes are encamped.

As I slept under the stars on my newly acquired buffalo hide, I listened to the many ceremonies going on around the camp. The beautiful sounds of drumming and ceremonial prayers filled the air until late into each night and I realized I have never witnessed a more righteous fight nor a more majestic people.

The tribes gathered are fighting for life’s most basic necessity…clean water. This isn’t about power struggle, fortunes, or any of the other bogus reasons that usually define the wars our country gets involved in.

It is for the future of Mother Earth.

Anyone who is paying attention knows that we are killing our planet. While we all rush out to buy the latest iPhone, biggest TV, or fastest car, the people who inhabited this country first are sitting in peaceful protest of a world run amok. This pipeline was approved without a single thought or care to how it would affect the environment nor the people in its path. Money was the only concern. The Water Protectors are doing this for you and your grandchildren’s grandchildren.

The people camping out are the bravest souls I’ve ever encountered. They are peaceful, unarmed, and living simply. They are in this for the long haul and most are willing to give their lives to protect the water. Although this is being fought in their backyard, they stand for all of us at a place aptly named…Standing Rock.

On our visit we donated tents, sleeping bags, fire wood, some warm clothes, and medical supplies. Although the camps themselves have some very successful gofundme sites set up, it was our experience that this money wasn’t getting to the people fast enough and much of it is getting set aside for legal bills. If you donate to this site we will immediately buy necessary survival items and get them to the people within days. WINTER IS COMING.

Please donate what you can:


Tim Yakaitis has been a professional photographer for over 25 years and has shot over 300 weddings, thousands of portraits, and countless commercial photo shoots. His knowledge of lighting, composition, and proper exposure are what sets his business, DroneOn apart from some of the newcomers on the scene. Tim completed the New Warrior Training Adventure in November 2007.



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