New Warrior: a poem

by Julien Devereux

From a long line of warriors
I came to reclaim my own, my father’s, grandfather’s and ancestors
Souls from hell.

Men whose dying wish, to gently love those who loved them, was never fulfilled.
It takes a lifetime for a man to become wise.
We need a new kind of warrior who is wise at birth,
Raised by a woman who nurtures and loves.
Taught by men who have been taught how to live for a cause instead of only die for one.

Men who understand how to father, because they have one,
Here and above.
Men who live in bodies they love
Taught by a mother who loves her own
And the earth on which she stands.

It will take a new kind of warrior who understands that the battle is within.
His fierceness comes not from his raging wounds
But from the courage to do what is essential
To create the world which he envisions that must be.


Julien Devereux is the 2016 MKP USA Chairman and Leads the Curriculum Development, Risk Managment and Equitable Community Initiative for the Mankind Project USA. Julien also is a certified trainer in Integrative Breathwork, Gender Reconciliation and completed his PhD at California Institute of Integral Studies in Transformative Studies in 2012. Julien has been a licensed social worker, addictions therapist, business coach, clinical consultant and supervisor over the past 30 years. Currently retired most of the work he does is pro bono for organizations like MKP USA, Directions 12, and Burning Tree Programs. Julien is married to Barbara Devereux for 43 years and has two daughters Michelle and Annie. His mission is to create a joyful and compassionate universe by loving life and exercising his freedom.



Author: Editor

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