Welcome to the Men’s Group – Exclusive Screenings for MKP USA

Special Screening Event for The Mankind Project USA

The Mankind Project is offering an exclusive “Film Screening Event” during the month of June to coincide with Men’s Health Month and Father’s Day.

We are partnering with the producers of a wonderful new feature film about the inner life of men, WELCOME TO THE MEN’S GROUP.

MKP will coordinate access to a “sneak preview” of the film for I-Groups to create screening and discussion events around this provocative new film that tackles men’s issues with depth and humor.

The film is not yet released, so this is a very special opportunity to see it before the public does!

I-Groups can participate in this 18 day event by registering their screening and following the event protocols to invite new men, screen the film, and hold a discussion forum using the film as a vehicle for exploration and growth.


June 10 – June 30 – Screening window for MKP USA Groups

June 28, 2016 – MKP USA will host a LIVE Follow-Up Web Forum on with the Joseph Culp, the Director and Co-Writer, along with several special guests to talk about the movie.

To participate in one of these low cost screening events, please email outreach@mkp.org for more information.


LIKE THE FILM’S FACEBOOK PAGE: https://www.facebook.com/themensgroupfilm/

FOR MORE INFO ON THE FILM: http://www.themensgroupmovie.com

About Welcome to the Men’s Group:

WELCOME TO THE MEN’S GROUP is a independent comedy-drama that takes us inside the dynamic of an all-male support group when they gather one morning for a ritual breakfast and their unique form of male bonding—One Sunday a month, these eight men refrain from beer and football to sit in a circle where they share their personal issues, in the noble hope of becoming a bit more evolved than their fathers.

On this day, things do not go as planned when one member appears suicidal, and long-standing conflict threatens to destroy the trust between the men. The film delves frankly into themes of male identity, competition, sexuality, shame, and grief.

WELCOME TO THE MEN’S GROUP takes us on an emotional roller-coaster through the often bumpy inner terrain of the male psyche, as we hear the men open about their lives, sharing truth, telling lies, and revealing secrets they dare not discuss in their lives. The film is largely inspired by the phenomenon of the “Men’s Movement” of the past 30 years which was championed by writers like the poet Robert Bly and his bestselling book “Iron John” which explored the need for men to reconnect to their authenticity through storytelling, myth and ritualized gathering. The film shows the major shift in men’s consciousness and the changing attitudes towards traditional models of masculinity that are evolving every day. It is a challenging look at “male vulnerability”. It also uses humor and irreverence to celebrate the zaniness and absurdity of men – “Irreverence is the doorway to the sacred.” Ultimately the film shows a group of flawed men in a noble, painful and outrageously funny struggle to find their authenticity and a sense of community, and invites us, both men and women, to do the same.



– What is the premise of WELCOME TO THE MEN’S GROUP? 

Men seek spiritual connection and support. It is often quite natural for women to come together and share their feelings, but for most men this is still a new idea. Men should have a place beyond the local bar or card game to find out what is really going on with each other. Men must adapt to changing messages of being a man today, but where will they share their confusion and their questions honestly? The feminist movement changed a lot for women’s roles, and it is still evolving, and men are learning to change as well. How is it if a woman makes more money than a man? Men are taking care of children more and more. The tough persona of the man who does not talk about his feelings is disappearing. John Wayne is long dead. But men don’t want to be feminized either – they want to maintain a connection to what makes them truly male. There are men’s groups all over the world that are trying to discover that original male energy by coming together to share their stories and support each ther in a new way. Men are still caught between the “civilized” man vs. the “savage” man – between intellectual sensitivity and also the impulse for violence. There needs to be more honest conversation between men, more vulnerability, more trust. I hope this film will bring more permission to have this conversation. The film is about the need for connection and it shows both the dark and light sides of men. Ultimately, the film has a positive message about the potential for honesty and change.  – Joseph Culp (co-writer/director)




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