The Dimming Embers – a poem

The Dimming Embers

Into the dimming embers Men blow.
Fire lights exploding, in the glow!

Timbers falling on dusted earth.

Then from the sky, tears of Life falling.

Quenching the thirst of landed seeds.

Leafing into new days of timbers rising!

And so it shall be.
After dimming embers glow.
From fire dusted bark, we grow.

~philippe berthiaume 3/2/2014


Philippe Berthiaume is a creative soul receiving his first Blue Ribbon Award for a crayon drawing of Columbus’ Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria. He was six years old. It was his defining moment as an Artist. 16 years later he graduated with College degrees in Photography, Ceramic Arts, and Theology. Today, he paints pictures with words on paper, not with paint on canvas__ and his first novel is almost complete. During the warm months, his green thumbs are happy digging, planting, and meditating in his vegetable, perennial, and Japanese gardens. They are equally happy cooking in the ManKind Project kitchens of New England as a Man of Service. Philippe completed the New Warrior Training Adventure in 2009.



Author: Phillippe B

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