All of Me – a poem

by Brooks Harrelson

All of Me

All of my soul wants you,
What part of me can I show you?

My lover wants to hold and care for you,
warm you in the cold nights, and grey spaces,
wrap you in protective blankets of love against
the howl of change and the grief of loss until
the Spring blossoms in your soul, and filling,
lights your smile and your eyes. And,
I want to be held so by you.

My friendly, savage beast wants to romp and play
with you in the fields, nuzzling, chasing, laughing,
tumbling down and down in carnal delight to rise
and start again, from dawn to blissful sunset exhaustion.
Fiercely, wildly, gently, strongly, putting all of myself into you,
and receiving all of creation in return.

My magician wants to look deeply into your eyes,
and connect our souls,
to explore the paths of consciousness and future,
to sail on dreams of possibilities,
and follow our fears to magical gifts of the heart.

My sovereign leaps with joy at your sight,
and would shower you with gifts from abundance.
I want to live at your feet in service,
I want to use the power of our joint magnificence to bless all who surround us,
and to sit, with you, in glory.

The heavens call me and hold my hopes. You are there.
The earth below supports me. I feel you there.

And all these are in my heart, that wants just to touch your heart,
A little.

April ’15

Brooks Harrelson is married and a father of three, of whom he is exceptionally proud. He’s been in software development for 54 years. He completed the New Warrior Training Adventure in June 1999. He’s active in the Men On The Loose I-group, a Leader in Training for the ManKind Project, and active in the Arlington MA Diversity Task Group. His personal mission is, “I create a world of blessings through connection and service.”





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