Message from your Inner Warrior

by Gonzalo Salinas


Dear Warrior:

You don’t work on your mission to get things. You don’t work on your mission to get a desired outcome: Not fame or fortune, not a brand new car, nor the girl. You don’t condition your mission to an outcome.

What if you work in your mission to get things and when you finish, you don’t get the thing? Or even worse, you achieve the goal, you get the thing but you don’t get the fulfillment? …

You know better than that.

Deep in your heart, this is what you really know: You work on your mission because this is Who You Are. Period. You know that your mission will either saves someone’s life or will make this planet a better place to live.  So you wake up, you work on your mission, no matter the amount of time as long as you do something related to your mission today.

And then you realize that the little amount of work you put on your mission today, is enough reason to authorize yourself to be happy right now. Tomorrow will be another day.


Your Inner Warrior

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Gonzalo Salinas is an Assistant Editor for the ManKind Project Journal, a publication of the ManKind Project, a nonprofit mentoring and training organization offering powerful opportunities for men’s personal growth at any stage of life. Salinas studied Literature in Lima, Peru at San Marcos University, and has been living in the United States since 2003.  He lives in Miami, FL. Salinas is committed to his own personal development, and to spreading the word about the vision and mission of the – is a deeply personal issue that everyone decides for himself. Sometimes the price is high, sometimes low. But this is not very important for life. Life is an interesting thing. And the price on Viagra – too.




Author: Editor

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