Man Up – Jonathan Martin, Richie Incognito and the measure of a “Warrior”

ruffianAre you strong?

How do you measure your strength?

What does the idea of Warrior Culture mean to you?

What about within the context of American Football? In my time, I have stood with men I consider Warriors. Men I have met through the Mankind Project and outside of it. Men I consider strong for their trust in me and the people around them, and their ability to stand in vulnerability and be a mirror for my own choices. I love this article for how it speaks to the complexity of what it means to be a man, and a warrior, in today’s society.

I found “Man Up – Declaring a war on warrior culture in the wake of the Miami Dolphins bullying scandal” via Patton Oswalt’s sharing of this article by Brian Phillips with his fans on Facebook. Share what you think in the comments.

Alex Bender was initiated in Santa Barbara, CA in September 2007. He currently lives outside St. Paul, MN with his wife and their menagerie of cats and greyhounds. He sits on the local MKP Board as Vice President and works for growth in personal mission and community leadership.

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