Creating Candor: blog post by Alain Hunkins

Editor’s Note: by Gonzalo Salinas
The Oxford Dictionary defines the word candor like this:


Syllabification: (can·dor) 
Pronunciation: /ˈkandər, -ˌdôr/
noun : The quality of being open and honest in expression; frankness:

a man of refreshing candor

I just found another way to explain that word: In this family story, simple and tender, Alain Hunkins brings a new meaning to that word and how to apply it on our daily lives. I hope it brings a smile.

If I speak up candidly, it’ll be a career limiting move.  

I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve heard this phrase in organizations.

On the surface, it seems ridiculous.  How could honesty sabotage your career?

But this belief doesn’t come out of the blue.  It comes from experience.

If you spoke up in the past and got dinged for it, you won’t do it again.

So you don’t speak up.

Don’t rock the boat.  

How often have you heard that phrase at work?  As if the “waters” to navigate today’s hyper-changing economy were calm.

Psychologist, Paul Ekman, author of Why Kids Lie reports that the #1 reason that children (of every age) lie is to avoid punishment.

Adult employees aren’t much different.  If you’re afraid of punishment on the job, you’re more likely to lie, or at the very least, withhold the truth.

And when you withhold information in a knowledge worker industry, you sabotage success.  How?  By supporting a low trust, status quo seeking culture.

So what can you do as a leader to create a culture that supports open, honest dialogue?

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Alain Hunkins leads personal and professional development trainings for individuals, teams and organizations. Over the last two decades, Alain has facilitated for over a thousand groups, ranging from at-risk youth to Fortune 500 executives. He moves between the educational, artistic, not-for-profit, government and corporate worlds. Alain sharpened his facilitation skills as an Educational Consultant in New York City, developing programs on many subjects, including Conflict Resolution, Networking, Customer Service, Communication, and Leadership.

Alain earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Amherst College and his Masters of Fine Arts from the University of Wisconsin/Milwaukee Professional Theater Training Program. He is a certified Leadership Challenge & MBTI facilitator, as well as a certified co-leader for ManKind Project International, whose mission is to help men lead missions of service in their families, communities, and workplaces. Alain completed the New Warrior Training Adventure in 1995.

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