Why won’t men get help?

By Dr. Adam Sheck

I’m excited to let you know that I was the featured guest on the Good Men Project panel asking the question, “Why Won’t Men Get Help?” in the context of men and mental health. It was an exciting panel of myself and four other men and great questions, great answers and deep issues were addressed.

The 30 minute video of the event is now on the Men After Fifty website for you to view. I promise you that it will be worth your time. Click below:


Why Won’t Men Get Help?


Please let me know your thoughts by commenting on the post at the website. And please forward and share this article with those friends and family that you feel would benefit from it.


Dr. Adam Sheck is a licensed Psychologist, Couples Counselor and Mission Specialist, supporting people in connecting to their mission, passion and purpose at ownyourmission.com. He especially relates to men dealing with the issues of the second half of life at menafterfifty.com. You can find him on Facebook when he’s not busy writing for The Good Men Project.


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