The 3 Purpose Myths – Myth #1

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by Chris Kyle

Over the years, I’ve worked with hundreds of men around their purpose and every time we would dig deeper into the question of finding and living purpose we’d usually come across what I call a Purpose Myth.

After bumping into these myths (defined as ‘an unfounded or false notion’) about purpose over and over again, I began to see a pattern and discovered that there are 3 Core Myths that consistently come up across a broad range of men — from different backgrounds, age groups and cultures.

I’m going to share with you in this email about Myth #1.

PURPOSE MYTH #1: You can discover your purpose simply by thinking about it.

So, here’s the deal, a man doesn’t discover his purpose by simply thinking his way to it.

He doesn’t find it by plopping himself down on the sofa or desk chair, and then just sitting there until it comes to him. It doesn’t happen that way. Engaging just your rational thinking apparatus, your ‘ego-mind’, will not be enough to bring you to full clarity around your purpose.

Trying to think yourself into your purpose is a bit like using a hammer to paint a house — basically the wrong tool for the job.

purposeMyth#1Of course you need your thinking process to help you investigate ideas or problems, but your mind is also really good at keeping you “safe” and telling you past-stories that prevent you from taking the risks that open you to new possibilities.

Living a life of purpose is more than an intellectual exercise; it requires something that comes from a deeper place in you and then moving that wisdom into choices and action in the world.

Moving Through Myth #1

So, if you can’t just think your way into your purpose, then what is the path?

The key understanding that nearly everyone comes to in finding and living their purpose is this: It’s a process that requires you to access ALL parts of yourself, not just your mind.

The best purpose tools are intended to take you out of your head — to find answers beyond the rational thought-process — and into different parts of you that have clarity and knowing.

This means investigating your old beliefs, looking at your emotional terrain and learning to trust your ‘gut instincts’ to become more familiar with where your deeper knowledge comes from.

Key Purpose Tool: Accessing Your Inner Wise Man

This process is a simple one: grab a notebook, sit in a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed, and then write down a question that is important to you on a blank page.

Then take a moment to close your eyes, breathe deeply and relax your body. When you open your eyes after a couple of minutes, let your hand write whatever it wants to write below your question. Don’t “think” about it, just let it flow out of your hand and into the pen. Let whatever comes come, and don’t judge it. Just keep writing. It may follow it’s own thread and might not even answer the question.

Once you’re complete (say 10-15 mins), you’ll notice that new ideas and other resources emerged that you likely wouldn’t have “thought of” or even imagined. See what you can take from this information to make a new or different choice around your question. This is just one simple way of learning how to use your own inner guidance system.

In our Man On Purpose 7-week online course we utilize several other tools and approaches that help you tap more directly into your creativity and inner wisdom that bypass the traps of the thinking-mind. You can learn more by going to our course information page. The Course launches on March 19, 2013.

To living your purpose,
Chris Kyle

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Chris Kyle

Chris has trained and coached hundreds of individuals to achieve greater success in their businesses and their lives. In partnership with The ManKind Project®, he recently created The Power of Purpose Summit and the Man On Purpose online course. He is also the co-creator, with Amy Ahlers, of the ongoing tele-series, New Man, New Woman, New Life.

Chris is the former Chief Development Officer and Chief Marketing Officer at Evolving Wisdom LLC, an online learning company that produces virtual courses with leading luminaries in the personal development arena. At Evolving Wisdom he co-developed The Way of the Evolutionary Man tele-summit with host Craig Hamilton. Chris was an invited speaker for The Shift Network’s Ultimate Men’s Summit in 2011.

In addition to his leadership development work, Chris has spent over 24 years as an executive, entrepreneur, consultant and business coach, working in Fortune 500 companies and owning his own eco-adventure travel company. Chris graduated from Stanford University where he studied Political Science. He lives with his wife in Northern California.

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