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The ManKind Project USA recently launched a 4 day FREE Summit called “The Power of Purpose Summit,” bringing together top experts on purpose from the past 30 years, including Neale Donald Walsch, Dan Millman, Jack Canfield, Tim Kelley, Greg Levoy, and nine others. You can still sign up for the Summit and listen to the spectacular audio. The summit was a powerful success … but it was only the beginning.

At the end of the Summit, the hosts, George Daranyi and Chris Kyle, announced the launch of a 7-week online course on purpose.

You’re invited to engage — and take advantage of this powerful opportunity. This course will help you clearly define and truly LIVE in alignment with your purpose — where you’re waking up each day fully engaged, tapped into a new source of power, and making a difference.

This course is based on the deep work that Chris and George have done with men for over 35 years collectively; and includes 7 powerful live course sessions, a unique 1-on-1 mentoring program, live Q&A sessions and your own Purpose Project.

It’s called: Man On Purpose: The Essential 7-Week Online Course for Men

Below is a note from Chris Kyle —

Chris Kyle

Chris Kyle

What we’ve noticed among the thousands of men we’ve worked with is this: men who are “ON purpose” have lives that work — at all levels.

They are more passionate and engaged in their work and creativity. More connected and happy in their relationships. And more vibrant, grounded and healthy in their lives.

They are alive and fired up to make a difference!

Like many men, you’ve probably had moments in your life where you feel connected to your creativity, to your personal power and your gifts in a way that has you sense that you’re “on purpose” with what you’re doing in your life.

Unfortunately, we see it all too often, that these moments are far too fleeting. And to maintain that level of authentic power and LIVE consistently from your purpose and passions can be very challenging. And for you, that may mean that life feels like a struggle, a burden or simply uninspiring.

Over the 7 weeks of the course, you’ll receive the teaching and support to guide you through a unique 3-step process, which will enable you to maintain the focus, commitment and energy for living your purpose in the world. The steps are:

STEP 1: Clear away the false beliefs that block you

STEP 2: Open to your hidden source of power

STEP 3: Claim your purpose fully and begin living it every day with your Purpose Project.

Imagine truly being yourself standing in the power of your purpose — clear, confident, fulfilled and connected.

If you sense that there’s more to life than what you’re experiencing now, and if you want the tools and knowledge to begin living into your fullest authentic power as a man with a clear purpose as your north star, then please join us for this 7-week course.

Read the details and register here: Man On Purpose Online Course

Finding and learning how to live your purpose is the single greatest investment you’ll ever make in yourself as a man. So join us and other like-minded men in this course who want to create a meaningful and potent life and make a difference in the world.

To your purpose,

Chris Kyle
Man On Purpose Course

p.s. Make sure to check out the inspiring supplemental content that we have for you in this course including a – is a deeply personal issue that everyone decides for himself. Sometimes the price is high, sometimes low. But this is not very important for life. Life is an interesting thing. And the price on Viagra – too.





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