Rick Broniec’s – A Passionate Life: 7 Steps to Reclaiming Your Passion, Purpose and Joy

Mike Brown interviews Author, Coach & Facilitator Rick Broniec about:

• His book “A Passionate Life: 7 Steps to Reclaiming Your Passion, Purpose and Joy”
• What Passion means and why it’s important.
• What Blocks people from living their passion.
• How to Access Your Passion.

William “Rick” Broniec, MEd. is an educator, writer, workshop creator and facilitator of transformational experiences. Rick taught Chemistry and International Baccalaureate Chemistry in an urban public high school for 38 years and is recognized as a “Master Teacher” through entry in the SE Wisconsin Educator’s Hall of Fame. Rick has been honored with a number of educational awards, including The Presidential Award for Excellence, the Kohl Award and the Tandy Award. Rick has also lead dozens of workshops for teachers around the country on a variety of topics, including leadership and has had many articles published in several educational journals.

In addition, Rick has worked in the human potential/personal growth field for close to 25 years as a workshop leader, leader trainer, multicultural trainer and facilitator of transformational weekend experiences. Rick is Certified as a Full Leader and Leader Trainer for the ManKind Project (MKP) since 1992, leading well over 160 trainings for that not-for-profit corporation. Rick is also a leader in multicultural work in MKP and has lead over 40 Multicultural Awareness Workshops around the globe. Rick is also a Certified Rebirther and Meditation teacher, using both techniques as part of his daily practice, as well as teaching and leading others to use these powerful techniques for personal growth. Rick has recently published his first book, “A Passionate Life: 7 Steps to Reclaiming Your Passion, Purpose and Joy”.

Rick’s latest endeavor is the creation of a new Personal Coaching Practice: Transformational Adventures. Rick seeks to coach people interested in finding their Passionate, Joyful Purpose in life through the use of processes and experiences that help them transcend blocks and barriers to living the life they were meant to live! Rick believes that all people deserve access to their passionate, heartfull, soulful aliveness, which leads to a fulfilling, satisfying, blissful and purpose driven life.

Rick’s Personal Mission of Service is to Create a Passionately Loving and Peaceful Planet by Fostering Safe, Sacred Diverse Healing Circles. Rick invites you to join in his healing circle….and will joyfully join yours!

Rick currently lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with his wonderful wife, Paki and his step daughter, Gianninne. Rick is proud to be the father of 2 beautiful daughters and has 3 spectacular granddaughters, too! When Rick is not coaching and leading trainings, he loves riding his Harley Davidson Motorcycle, playing golf, playing with his grandkids, camping and reading voraciously!

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