Songs from ManKind Project Men of the Northwest

Editors Note: Mike has done a yeoman’s job of putting together this collection of New Warrior Music! Check out my three favorites – Be Real, We are Warriors, and Fall Away! All sales of this album directly support the ManKind Project Northwest Community’s Scholarship program.

by Mike Biskup

Buy this album today and you’re directly supporting men in the Northwest getting to the NWTA!

“I create a world of beauty and bounty by sharing my gifts generously.”

That’s the Mission I created for myself at The Mankind Project NWTA in Nov 2008.

Discovering and living my Mission and Being involved in MKP has benefited my life in countless, powerful ways – I will never do life “alone” again.

After staffing the NWTA in 2010 I wrote “The Next Man” and imagined creating an album as a way to share it (and other MKP inspired songs) with my MKP brothers and The World.

This is it!

Where did the songs come from?

In early 2011, I put out an email call for submissions –
Men from around the Northwest sent me lyrics, poems, and recordings.

Laurence Cole, Brian Rohr, Ron Dionne, and I formed a “Village” Board. We met and sifted through the MANY wonderful submissions.

We read poems, listened to a few complete songs, slated words to be transformed into songs by certain musicians, and offered submissions of our own!

Time passed – And the songs became reality one by one.

We hope you enjoy the music! We encourage you to keep an open ear and let the songs you don’t enjoy at first grow on you – like they have all grown on us.

Mike Biskup

What’s The Mankind Project? –
Redefining mature masculinity for the 21st Century.

$5.00 per album sold goes to The MKPNW NWTA Scholarship fund.
$1.00 per album sold goes to band camp (this site)
$1.00 goes to repay upfront costs
Individual tracks purchased follow the same % guidelines.

Cover Photo by David Conklin –
Thanks David!!

This album was started while enrolled and coaching Landmark Education’s Self Expression and Leadership Program. Learn about Landmark here –

Want to create a benefit album for men in YOUR MKP Region?
Contact Mike Biskup for info –
released 04 August 2012

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