Raising Your Vibration

Jim Donovan, raising the vibration

by Jim Donovan

Much of what we are experiencing on the planet now has to do with a push towards exponential human evolution. Though your condition has always been one of consistent change, the time has come for that change to happen more rapidly. As we all know, our reactions to change are often accompanied by resistance. This resistance is your natural defense mechanism designed to keep you safe. The paradox is that to evolve involves taking risks, which inherently feels unsafe.

The main work each of us has to do at this point in time directly involves confronting those aspects of life that need to change and then to actively and briskly change them.

Raising your vibration is another way of saying, “let go of your fear”. On a practical level, there are some key things you may consider doing that will EASE the discomfort of your fears as they arise.

1. CONNECT with others who are choosing to do their inner work. Act as sounding boards for each other. Listen to and witness each other. Find ways to physically meet together in a joyful way. These connections are an invaluable way of both offering and getting the crucial support each of you may desire.

2. BE IN NATURE. Go for walks outdoors, get your feet in the grass, breathe sunlight into your heart.

3. TALK with the divine. Whatever word you choose, whether it is the Universe, Great Spirit, God, higher self etc. is inconsequential. Now is the time to open, reopen or continue your connection with that which is beyond your daily drama and life roles. Consider talking/praying as if you are speaking to an old friend (very old indeed!). Ask questions, ask for help, and offer gratitude.

4. LISTEN. Quiet your mind through any technique you know; deep breathing, meditation, yoga, chant, drumming. Find ways, even if it is only for short periods per day to listen without expectations.

5. ACT on intuitive information. Once per day, consider making a conscious choice to “go with your gut” and take notice if and how your life begins to shift.

6. Though there may be times when you feel utterly alone and flailing, remember that all discomfort is temporary AND that you are stronger than it.

PS: Remember to look back down the mountain once in a while to see just how far you’ve come

– Jim Donovan 2012

Jim Donovan

Jim Donovan is an accomplished drummer, teacher, and multicultural workshop leader. He was the drummer for the multiplatinum band Rusted Root throughout the 90’s and has produced 12 solo albums. Jim completed the New Warrior Training Adventure in 2010. Learn more about his programs at: jimdonovandrums.com

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