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MKP and Men’s Health Network – Men’s Health Month: June 2012

Men’s Health week is June 11-17, 2012. The ManKind Project, a non-profit men’s training and educational organization, is partnering with the Men’s Health Network, a Washington, DC based non-profit advocacy and education organization, to raise awareness about men’s health issues for the whole month of June.

The ManKind Project, with its global network of men’s peer-support groups, is dedicated to creating safer and healthier communities by supporting mature masculinity and challenging unhealthy male stereotypes and behaviors. The ManKind Project will be holding events throughout the month of June to support men to take charge of their health, get screened for common men’s health conditions, and break the silence about the impacts men’s health problems have on our families and communities. You can get involved by getting free Resources for Men’s Health at the ManKind Project website. If you’re a man ready to take a challenging step to improving all aspects of your life; including your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual life, consider joining a men’s group or attending a weekend intensive for men offered by the ManKind Project.

Man Up. Get Healthy.

One of the most powerful choices you can make as a man is the choice to care for yourself. Men are often reluctant to seek the help they need because of cultural messages that we are supposed to somehow be indestructible. We’re not. Fear and Shame can be powerful motivators to stay stuck in old behaviors that no longer help you. Today, you can take a big step toward changing that old pattern.

What’s more … you don’t have to do it alone. In the ManKind Project, men have a community to give them the extra ‘push’ they need to begin creating healthy habits. We also have the skills and resources to help men get unstuck from the stickiest old habits.

As a starting place … grab the great resources below.

And when you’re ready for some real support from other men like you, connect with a local ManKind Project Community and take the risk to change your life.

Quick Resources

Men’s Blueprint for Health – PDF
Get It Checked – for Men and Women

MKP Men – Get an EASY to USE Flyer for your Wear Blue Event.
Do a WEAR BLUE Event in your Men’s Group!

As a way to recognize this partnership and gain national exposure for the ManKind Project – you and your community can take action to raise awareness of men’s health issues – DO A WEAR BLUE EVENT in your IGroup or at Community Event.

It’s almost TOO EASY.

1. Wear Blue
2. Print Poster(s) (like this one … HERE)
3. Take a Picture of your group holding some posters. (Send it to me …
4. [OPTIONAL] – Make a group donation to the Men’s Health Network (a 501c(3) charitable org) (Donate HERE)

I will post the pictures up on the International Facebook Page and send them to the Men’s Health Network for distribution and promotion of their international campaign. MKP gets recognized in Press Releases for the Men’s Health Network.

For more information please contact: Boysen Hodgson, MKP USA Communications Director,

ManKind Project and the Men’s Health Network; Partnering for Men’s Health

Boysen Hodgson

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