Exciting News from Central America

Those of us in the U.S. who have been following the unfolding story of The MKP Costa Rica Initiative received some great news this week. The MKP men there are on the verge of holding their very first New Warrior Training Adventure! The weekend will be November 30-December 2, 2012. The Costa Rica Initiative has successfully held PIT weekends in the past and sent men to NWTAs in the United States. Now they will be able to offer this work to local men without having them fly out of the country. Don McDougle sends the MKP Journal this update.

The NWTA in Costa Rica in 2012. You can help make it Happen!!!

The Costa Rica Initiative has filed the paper work for setting up a Costa Rican non-profit Association. the final copy of the bylaws have been sent to the Registry and we are waiting for the their approval. The name is Asociación Proyecto Humanidad de Costa Rica. Ten of the men in our Community signed the document to make up the board of directors.

We have found a site for the Training, Lima Ranch in Bagaces, Guanacaste, Costa Rica. It is the family ranch of Javier and Roberto(Berro) Berrocal. It is about 35 minutes from the Liberia International airport.

We have asked the ExCom of MKP USA to be our mentoring region. The have agreed and have sent a proposal to the MKP USA Board of Directors.

The MKP-USA Board of Directors passed the following proposals regarding Costa Rica:

1. To bless those men in Costa Rica who have the vision of Costa Rica becoming the hub which spreads MKP throughout Latin America.
2. To bless those U.S. men who have contributed their time, effort, money and talents to mentor Costa Rica.
3. MKP-USA agrees to mentor the men from the Costa Rican community subject to a mutually acceptable agreement around Finances, Insurance, and Liability.

We have been asking men to mentor men in Costa Rica in areas of community and in coordinator positions on the Weekend. Are you willing to take an active role? We are still in need of coordinators for Materials, Transportation, Initiate Mentors, MOS, and Graduation among others.

Costa Rica Vacation For Two Raffle! A value of $3500+.

Have three chances to win the vacation of a lifetime here in beautiful Costa Rica. You and one more person will have the opportunity to win a vacation package. Each raffle ticket will cost $100. The value of each package will be $3500+. It will include airfare from one of the major hubs, ground transportation, accommodations and food.

Have a chance to see the best of Costa Rica and support the Costa Rica Initiative and Asociación Proyecto Humanidad de Costa Rica establish MKPI in Costa Rica/ Latin America.

We just completed our 6th PIT Intensive!

Two more brothers completed their PIT Inensive this past weekend. They got what they came for and one man who had done the Training in 2002, but had never done the PIT, check out with the word “Restored”.

Rock Killin, Our PIT LIT did an excellent job facilitating much of the processes. Jon Chapman, a senior brother, stepped up and lead some of the check in rounds, We also had a Brother from Colorado, Joseph Kaltenback. It was his first staffing of a PIT as a senior brother, and he courageously led the smudging and calling in the directions and some of the rounds.

There will be a Shadow facilitation workshop the weekend of May 13-15. This will be held at Cascade Verde in beautiful Uvita, Costa Rica. All are welcome!

Together we can change the world one man at a time!

We thank all the men and Centers that have supported us. We could not have added the men we have, or grown to the extent we have without it. You can continue to support us by helping the men here get prepared to undertake a New Warrior Training Adventure and become a MKPI Community. Men from around the world are welcome to join us. We will still be sending men to attend NWTAs in the States. Your financial support is always welcome.

You can contact me at TheCostaRicaInitiative@yahoo.com. We also have a yahoo group you can join, to be able to interact with all the men here. Send an email to TheCostaRicaInitiative-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

In Service,
Don McDougle
Asociación Proyecto Humanidad de Costa Rica.


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