Once Upon a Routine Phone Call

by Glenn Barker, ManKind Project Chicago

What does Gold look like to you?
Once upon a routine phone call….

An easy place to feel isolated.

Last night I called my Internet host service for email assistance (a slow connection)

A polite young man answered who, after some time asked the nature of my business.

I talked about men’s work and support.
“Isn’t that what bars are for?” he said … a glib, and not unexpected, response.

“Nothing wrong with that,” I said, “it’s just … where do men go, not to be shamed, laughed at, held up, so they can talk about what they dare not talk about in a bar?”

Long … Long Silence.

“What’s going on?” I said … Long uncomfortable silence.

“I’m listening to you sir,” he said.

I spoke of living a mission … of standing tall … on the inside, when Job, and Primary relationships are shaken.

Again Long … Long … Silence.

“I’ve hit on something real haven’t I?” I said.

“Yes sir, you have!” he said.

A few honest statements of men trusting men and … I waited
Then said …
“You need to talk?” … Off line! … Not at work!

“Yes sir,” he said, in a soft tone.

“You have my info,” I said, “contact me.”

“You helped me already sir,” he said.

“You got a change in your thinking … not your in direction,” I said.

Another silence
“Yes … sir.” he said

“Take down my personal cell phone, it’s in your court now … contact me.”

“But I live in all the way out in Arizona.”

“We have centers all over the country where we do men’s weekends,” I said.

[I will help you my friend]

“Yes sir,” he said, “thank you sir.”

It was so beautiful. What hunger is there in this world for what we do, who we are, what we have.
Offer men the opportunity to connect … with YOU!

Make a routine phone call, you have Gold to share

In service to all ManKind
Glenn Barker

Glenn Barker is the Center Director of the ManKind Project in Chicago. He completed the New Warrior Training Adventure in 2009. As Glenn is saying on every email: “Twelve in Twelve; this year make it your goal to introduce 12 men to the ManKind Project in 2012″.

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