New Warrior Wisdom for Surviving the Snow – WWLP News 22

by Boysen Hodgson

Frank Grindrod, a New Warrior from Western Massachusetts, part of the New England Community and a Member of one of the two longest running men’s groups in New England (the Special Boys) was featured in a spot on a local TV station WWLP 22 News with information on what to have and what to do if you’re stranded in your car this winter.

Frank has been working with children and adults for a number of years teaching survival and tracking skills through his business, Earthwork Programs. He also regularly puts on survival programs that help ‘everyday’ folks gain confidence and skills for handling tough situations that arise unexpectedly, and in Massachusetts, this has been happening a lot.

Frank is one of a large number of men in the Northeast who are helping people reconnect to the natural world and protect, sustain and improve our society. The New England ManKind Project community has become a hub for engaged men of all ages to align the ‘outer’ work that they do with environmental sustainability, nature awareness, survival skills, tracking skills and more with the ‘inner tracking’ work that we have been doing for nearly 3 decades across the USA and around the world. It’s a perfect fit.

Thank you Frank for stepping out into the world to share your gifts!

Boysen Hodgson

Boysen Hodgson is the Communications and Marketing Director for the ManKind Project USA, a nonprofit mentoring and training organization that offers powerful opportunities for men’s personal growth at any stage of life. Boysen received his BA with Honors from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, after completing 2 years of Design coursework at Cornell University. He has been helping companies and individuals design the change they wish to see in the world for 15 years. He’s a dedicated husband.

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