Mike to Mike: Mike Brown interviews Mike Robbins

Mike Brown, New Warrior and Spiritual Life Coach for the past nine years, interviews Mike Robbins, teacher, coach and author of “Focus on the Good Stuff” (reached #4 on the Amazon bestseller list) and “Be Yourself” (reached #17 on the Amazon bestseller list). Robbins’ books are available in a dozen languages.

A former pro baseball player in the Kansas City Royals, Mike transformed the experience of a career ending injury into a period of powerful self reflection leading to a discovery of the healing power of appreciation and authenticity, finding the deeper meaning and purpose of his life.

A regular contributor to Oprah.com and the Huffington Post, Mike Robbins has been featured on ABC News, in Forbes magazine and the Washington Post among several others. Mike became a New Warrior in 2005. His website gives further details.

Here is the Interview.

Mike Brown has worked as a Personal Spiritual Life Coach for the past nine years. He has extensive training in Crisis Intervention, Behavioral Modification, and Conflict Resolution. Mike completed One Year of Master’s Level work in Spiritual Psychology at The University of Santa Monica. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology from George Washington University. Mike Brown was initiated as a New Warrior in 2005


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