REVEALED: Portraits from Beneath the Surface

TARGET AUDIENCE: Lovers of Photography, Seekers, Artists, People with a desire to refine their spiritual expression.

ENERGY EMBODIED: Practical, Exploratory, Challenging.

PRIMARY ARCHETYPE: Magician – the desire to transform

EMPOWERING INTENT: To reveal a process that a portrait photographer and his subjects engaged in to create “Revealed” – to explore the boundary between portraiture and spirituality.


JUDGMENTS: A simple idea, beautifully revealed and elegantly captured on film. Scott Indermaur had a concept and brought it to life in his Art. What started as an experiment to look at how people express themselves in symbols through an old wooden box has turned into an NPR radio segment, several gallery openings, travel across the country, and now a documentary film. I know Scott from sitting in men’s circles with the ManKind Project – and I have been a cheerleader for this project for several years now. He has photographed a number of MKP men in the 6 year history of the project. (see the gallery below) With this film now getting exposure in regional film festivals in the north-east United States and spreading across the country, I hope that this will now be an “I knew him when” story.

The process of being ‘Revealed’ asks an individual to answer the question – What is fundamental to who I am as a human being, and how far am I willing to go to share it? It shows layers of process that participants go through in order to prepare for and to ultimately capture a single instant on film. It is an exploration of the boundaries of human experience and emotion.

In the movie we see subjects natural coping mechanisms arise as they begin to open before the camera, and it is beautiful to see how Indermaur holds the space for the exploration without ever leading or moving his subjects in any direction. He is there to record the moment, not to create it.

WHAT YOU CAN DO: Right now, the Revealed Project is campaigning to become a book! You can help by contributing to the KickStarter project that is happening now! Anything you can do to help this book get published is appreciated!

POWERFUL MOMENTS: One subject uses chess pieces as a metaphor for moving through life, combining skills and mastery. One subject looks with new eyes at how our past experiences can be reframed into a story that helps connection rather than disconnection.

From the Revealed Web site:

11 People, 1 Photographer, 1 Box

Photographer Scott Indermaur creates one-of-a-kind portraits of 11 individuals who have been given the unique challenge of symbolically capturing their beliefs, essence and spirituality in a small box.

His project, REVEALED and This I Believe REVEALED have included 160 subjects from around the country. What he finds to be most interesting is the profound effect this project has had on so many of his subjects. Given the opportunity to look within, many experience a journey that takes them much deeper than their initial inner self-examination … which reveals undiscovered truths about themselves.

The film explores the insights and the impact REVEALED has had on these individuals and on Indermaur himself. It was filmed in Providence and East Greenwich, Rhode Island by Christian de Rezendes of Breaking Branches Pictures November 13 – 15th, 2010.

Boysen Hodgson

Boysen Hodgson is the Editor of the ManKind Project Journal and the Marketing and Communications Director for the ManKind Project USA. Boysen graduated summa cum laude with a BA in English Lit. and completed 2 years of Design coursework at Cornell University. He owns H2O Marketing, Inc., a Graphic Design and Marketing Company in Springfield, Massachusetts. He’s a dedicated husband. Boysen completed the New Warrior Training Adventure in 2004.

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