I RELEASE; a poem

By Paul Goldman

I release every single infinitesimal
ion of my being: my thoughts,
my emotions, my desires, and my beliefs,
everything at once.

In this glorious instant, my soul soars
to heights beyond imagining,
as I traverse the farthest reaches of
the Universe. I am nothing, I am

each quantum nano particulate
of matter sailing the electromagnetic
seas at the speed of light.

I release, I release, I release…

(c) Paul Goldman December 10, 2010 All Rights Reserved

Paul Goldman is an acclaimed Ecstatic poet with both a CD, Wild Joy Released, and a book, Wild Joy:Ruminations.
He is living his mission through both sharing his Ecstatic Poetry and by being proprietor, along with his wife Dawn of Stone Spirit Lodge, a Metaphysical Store, in Kansas City, Missouri. Learn more at Stone Spirit Lodge. Paul completed the New Warrior Training Adventure in April 2001.

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