The Gold-Light Path

by James Hanny

In most anything a Man encounters or desires, he has a choice upon which road to traverse. And in that destination, he chooses one of two essential directions in which to flow his decisions—to release and direct his energies.

One path taken is guided by his shadowy, dark fears.
It appears to be, and he perceives it as, the real fabric of his experiences.
This illusory path was configured from the legacy of his youth by the labors of shadow figures echoing within him; then made believable by the investment and attention of his own energy.
Through sheer mental projection, or by sheer attraction, this path is filled with ominous shadows, tricksters, and miscreants.
From his dark recesses, he may summon demons, monsters, the darkest of fellows, or wicked Sirens.
Those energies populate the dreamscape of his own creation; for it is a but a dream–an illusion dictated by his own creation–his choice to take the dark path.
And those energies are what he sees reflected through people and circumstances, alas, even his own body–through the muscles, his posture, and his health.
As he gives those energies power, he is kept in that realm, under a spell, entangled.
And, either consciously or unconsciously, he forms an allegiance with those energies.
He attracts other men, women, and conditions that are in tandem with his shadow realm; people or conditions that share similar dark- shadow energies.
In maintaining the illusion of the fearsome shadow realm, they too assist him, and he them, in making it real.
This dark shadow path is centrifugal, progressively narrow, and leads the Man further and further away from his true center.
It has a horizontal, outwardly focused/reflective orientation–the Man defines himself and his Life through external means.
It serves his shadow realm. It is self perpetuating and continues for as long as the Man values it; finds it somehow useful; indeed…for as long as he remains spellbound.
His Gold is continually hidden. He does not heed its calls to him, and he knows it not.

The other path to take, the other choice, is set down for him by his birthright, the path of which his wise elders and true comrades speak.
It is his Garden, a field of potentials, ripe possibility, and is the true fabric of his being.
There too, he meets the shadow figures of his youth (as there is no escaping them).
However, through formidable instruction, sheer benevolent acculturation, or sheer providence, he learns that an inner realm orientation is his true guide.
This inner realm path has a vertical orientation and fills all space, in all directions.
It is the realm of potentials, of possibilities.
It is the path of brilliant (lighted) choices, of allowance, and expansion.
He chooses what he wants, he makes himself wholesome.
That path is connected to the Grand Fabric of all Life and Humanity.
He chooses to listen to this guide–the constant echoes of his true inner Gold realm.
He confronts the shadow figures, dispels their lies and false apparitions, and forms no allegiance to them.
He travels this path, exposing the falsity of the fearsome shadow realm.
He finds with each successive victory, he steps through another veil, breaks another sheath to greater freedom—onto a space that is more and more expansive; where he vibrates to his inner Gold realm; his true Essence.


Both paths are choices Now, and can be made each moment, within each day.
One path is ever expanding.
The other is ever constricting.
One path is Light and filled with Light Beings in many forms.
The other path is dark and filled with false evidence appearing real.
One path flows easily downstream.
The other path is resistive, contrived, and is a strife filled, upstream ordeal.
One is evidenced and indicated by predominantly positive feeling and emotion.
The other path is evidenced and indicated by predominantly negative emotion and feeling.
One is simple and true, and can be termed ‘the next right thing,’ for the man.
The other is convoluted, perplexed, and riddled with broken pieces.

In duality, a Man learns from either path taken.
However, he must at some point choose one path over the other as the predominant course he values most.
Either path becomes outwardly reflective and forms the quality of his experiences—from the inside-out.
He must consciously form an ultimate allegiance to the path he will ultimately serve, within himself.
For there is only one, clear, ultimate choice; one ultimate allegiance to the path of his true essence.
For there he can live in his Gold, and find Bliss.


James Hanny is a Father, Husband, a Brother and Son, a Speech Language Pathologist by profession, and has a graduate degree in Transpersonal Psychology. James primarily writes poetry. He also writes Essays on depth psychology, metaphysics, spiritual and personal growth, and the Taoist reality of the Natural World.
He is a third generation Missourian, and a proud son of ST. Louis.

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