Men of Service; a poem

by ManWoman

I ask for a vision
so clear so radiant
that it takes our breath away
with its grandeur
I ask for a vision
that heals all men
women and children
I ask for the courage
and commitment
to follow this vision
supported or unsupported
I ask for help
from the trees whose roots
go deep into the earth mother
so we will be unwavering
I ask for help
from mother bear
whose strength is unmatched
I ask for help
from brother wolverine
in case we have to stand alone
in fierceness if need be
I ask for support from sister wind
and all the feathered people
to rise above the commonplace
and especially grandfather eagle
who sees far ahead
and whose eyes are ever vigilant
to our many weaknesses
I ask that all beings support us
in being true men of service
my friends
we will be sorely tried
in the days to come


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Author: Editor

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