The law of commitment

by Roy Biancalana

Imagine your life three years from now. If you’re like me, that’s a fairly easy thing to do. Most of us know what we’d like to attract, create or manifest in our lives. It’s the “how” part that trips us up. We know where we want to go, but we’re not sure how to get there.

I want to discuss this confusing “how” issue. There are  universal laws that govern manifestation. If you consciously align your life with these  laws consistently, you will attract, create and manifest whatever vision you have for your life.  My niche and passion as a relationship coach is supporting single people who desire to attract the love of their lives. So, I want to show you how these laws can be used to manifest a great relationship.

The first, and by far, the most important law that governs manifestation is the Law of Commitment. You must actually want to manifest what you say you want to manifest in order for it to manifest. I know that seems obvious, but consider New Year’s resolutions. Why do most of us not fulfill them? Because underneath our stated intentions, there’s a stronger, and usually unconscious, counter-commitment at work, holding us back. In other words, you’ve got one foot on the gas and the other on the brake. If you want to manifest an amazing life partner, or, if you want to grow your business (or manifest anything else), you must discover and let go of your hidden, unconscious counter-commitments to doing so.

Here’s the startling truth: If you are single, on some level, you want to be single. And if your business is not succeeding, on some level, you don’t want it to succeed. Sounds nuts, doesn’t it? But this first law says that your results reveal your true commitments. It doesn’t matter what you say you want; your results reveal what you really want. Let me give you an example.

I met a woman recently that was 45 years old and had never been married. She said she wanted to fall in love with a great guy, but as we talked, she admitted a deep fear of being rejected, hurt and abandoned. Can you see why she has kept herself single all these years? The counter-commitment to not being hurt was stronger than the stated commitment to falling in love. If she deals with her counter-commitment and lets it go, my guess is that within a month she’ll meet the man of her dreams.

If you want to manifest something new in your personal or professional life, the critical first step is to deal with your unconscious counter-commitments. You must take your foot off the brake if you want to get anywhere. And you do that by spending a significant amount of alone time asking yourself what I call, “Quantum Manifestation Questions” or QMQ.

The QMQ for the Law of Commitment is this: What is the benefit or payoff for not getting what you want? What do you get out of things staying the way they are? If nothing comes to mind, turn it around. What’s the downside to manifesting what you want? What do you fear might, or will happen, if you get what you want? Sit with these questions for days, if necessary.

If you discover your counter-commitments and deal with them, you will effortlessly and quickly attract, create and manifest your heart’s desire—if of course, you align yourself with the four other Laws of Manifestation. Stay tuned.

RoyBiancalana Roy Biancalana is an author and certified life/relationship coach specializing in supporting people who desire to use their relationship pain as a portal to profound personal growth, the discovery of a life purpose and the creation of authentic intimacy. He coaches by phone. (

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