The Mankind Project Journal is published by The ManKind Project International to educate the public about diverse men’s issues — personal and social — addressed from an MKP perspective. The Journal further presents news and announcements from The ManKind Project communities around the world.

We are interested in publishing your creative works, your scholarly works and your artist works! If your work has already been published elsewhere, that is fine, we are happy to republish or syndicate your work to our wider audience.

The guidelines for posting:

  • Be vulnerable, be authentic, be an invitation to the highest in humanity.
  • Hold to positive values. Divisive, inflammatory or culturally insensitive articles will not be considered.
  • Please edit your work. The less the editor has to do to make your work ready for publication, the faster we can get it published.

Use the SUBMISSION FORM below to submit a contribution. The submission form ensures that all potential contributions are considered as equally as possible, helps the editor streamline his work, and licenses copyright for publication. Please be sure to complete all sections of the form, being as detailed as possible. Please submit the best quality writing that you can; all articles are edited for style.

Copyright: All work submitted must be original, or the contributor must have a clear right to submit the work. Contributors retain copyright ownership of their work (so you can publish it elsewhere), and grant to MKP a license for the nonexclusive world serial rights and related subsidiary rights, subject to the duration and terms of the U.S. Copyright Act, as amended. Compensation for publishing rights, as specified above, includes MKP’s agreement always to include a “byline” credit for the published work.

Questions? Please contact Journal editor Boysen Hodgson.

Submission Form for The Mankind Project Journal

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    Be as detailed as possible in your vivid description, using all the senses you can, expressing your true emotions in a real and powerful way. Write in your best English style, so your natural voice shines through. Selections will be based on writing effectiveness, so take time to rewrite before submitting.

    (Please save a backup copy of your text before you click "submit" below.)

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    NOTE: MKP strongly encourages you to protect your intellectual property by registering your copyright.

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