The Shooter(s)

The Shooter(s)

Right about now
You are asking
Who is this shooter?
Who is this boy?
Who the hell is he?
Who is he, really?

I have heard it said
He is a monster, a crazy monster

Well, let me tell you who he is:
He is angry
He is sad
He is lonely
He is lost
He is afraid
He is ashamed
He is wounded
He is trapped
He is hurt
He is disconnected
He is alone
He is dead–inside
He is desperate

He is no monster
He is no crazy man
You know him very well
He is me, at times
He is you, at times

We must bring him home
Or our children will continue to die
We must bring him to life
Or, we will die

The Shooter is us
All of us

Copyright, 2018 by George Daranyi.



Author: Editor

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