MKP Men Take Action and Stand with Standing Rock in a Good Way

by Ryan Gatling 

Greetings to all my New Warrior Brothers – This is a call to action, a call to service, a call to protection of the Realm, the world, the Earth Mother and perhaps the soul of this nation.

Men of vision and purpose, integrity and power, compassion and passion … Listen!

As you are all aware, for more than two centuries, the Native people of this land have long been marginalized, they have seen their welfare sacrificed for greed, they have seen a pointed effort to have their ways, language and very lives eliminated and they have survived and continue to stand to protect the connection we all share to the earth and each other.

We all, as New Warriors, seek to integrate the strength and power of purpose into our lives we found in initiation as mature men, that has long been missing in society. To be the kind of men who own mistakes, take action to support and heal relations, to deny the destruction of the kind of world we want for our families and ourselves. Just as we enter the lodge on Sunday morning, bowing and acknowledging “All my relations”, I invite all of us to take action to acknowledge and support our brothers and sisters in North Dakota.

Right now, men in the four directions are mobilizing in their communities and Areas. Lonnie Hamilton has made it known that a friend of MKP and Chief of the Oglala Sioux has expressed great concern for the children of the camps and the dropping temperatures, fears that they will not be warm enough as winter sets in.

Lonnie, myself and other men have been making preparations to travel to North Dakota, taking truck loads of warm coats, hats, gloves and clothes to support the People who are protecting the water, the sacred and in fact standing to protect us all. Guy Richardson, in Sioux City Iowa, is gearing up to serve as a receiving point for donations and helping to coordinate getting items to the camps.

Guy Richardson’s address:
1710 George Street
Sioux City, Iowa 51103

To send funds by PayPal:

Over the first three weeks of December, New Warriors are making this journey. Not everyone can break away to go there but we all can do something to create a steady stream of active support. If you can come now load up and come and be a part of the MKP presence there for December; if not, solicit donations from your community, gather and send items to Guy or to men you know who will make the trip. It would be great to see this become a continuous effort through the winter and for as long as the People are there protecting life.

MKP men have been going to support this effort on their own already, let’s make this a concerted effort to do what it is we can to support the men, women and children who are making the sacrifice to stand and defy this path of destruction. Look at your Mission, see what ways it fits here and do that!

I create a world of unparalleled safety and freedom!

Aho, All my Relations.

Ryan Gatlin
SouthEast Area
Heart of Georgia Community




Author: Editor

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