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From Glenn Barker MKP Chicago Center Director

A Journey into Leadership

I was invited for an interview as Executive Director of ManKind Project Chicago recently on the show “Public Perspective” with Kevin McDermott. The show hits 57 area cities on Comcast Cable and will be broadcast twice in January 2012.  My first time on camera, no edits, 30 min, straight to tape, no script, and a great story to tell.

Glenn Barker, MKP Chicago

For years, my forte has been personal growth studies and building market niche sales companies. Once I discovered Bly, Moore and Campbell the fire was lit. I developed co-ed workshops on gender and boundaries, I started a series of men’s circles based on four rounds of the archetypes and the Iron John Story … (sound  familiar)? My goal was to Develop a progressive series of ‘Mature Masculine’ growth studies for men in circle and market it nationally then internationally.

Meanwhile men would tell me I can see you on Oprah, go out on public speaking tours, this is important work! … Knowing somewhere in me that it was true, I shuddered at the thought!

In searching for national or international organizations to learn from, I came upon The ManKind Project in early 2009. The moment I stepped into that center I said to myself “this is it, this, is what I want!”  I came to what I thought was an “Open Circle”.  It actually turned out to be a Homecoming Celebration. By the time it was over I said “sign me up!”

I completed the New Warrior Training Adventure in April 2009. I have been deeply invested in the work ever since.

In late summer 2010 the Center Director (CD is like a combination of Executive Director and Board Chair) position at MKP Chicago became available. I applied and became MKP Chicago’s CD mid Oct 2010.

One year later October 2011

We started an MKP Chicago Speakers Bureau. Public speaking has been something I’ve avoided … and it seemed as if it was time to push that edge.

Knowing it was time to step in to my next level of leadership, I attended the LT2 (Leader Training 2) followed by a WIT (Whatever It Takes) program fully intending to address this issue and breakthrough this barrier once and for all. I committed at the LT2 that Public speaking would be a reality for me.

That very evening I go out to see a warrior brother’s band playing at a small Café. The band takes a break and out of nowhere I am invited to speak on MKP. I hesitate, and then it hits … No avoiding this time! This is where rubber meets road. And so I speak … Many warrior brothers are in the audience and I am well received. I step off stage to warm smiles and callouts to stop and talk with warriors and guests.

First stop … Two women asked if I thought MKP could help the men in their lives.

And then:

A third woman invited me to sit at her table to ask me more about MKP. She spoke of male friend(s) who seem to “suffer in isolation”….”Why can’t men be more like women?”… Just share their feelings?

She looked at me expectantly … and I answer:

“Men live in tiny boxes … And they often think that’s all there is for them! … All through their lives!

To risk being laughed at? …  Appear weak? … Loose face?… No way! … Protect! … Shut down!”

What has been missing for most men is Mature Men in their lives men who model that true Masculine Strength is found in emotional intelligence, providing a safe environment and language to experience their depth of feeling!”

We call it …“Men’s Work”

She shifts gears … searching her wallet, producing a card and a pen, she says:

“I have a Comcast Television show!” … Come and be our guest for a half hour on December 8th at 8pm! (I hesitate.) Yes I would be honored.

And what is to be said of all this? This world hungers for what we do, who we are, what we have!

The time is always now … Speak!

Yours in Service,


Check out Glenn’s appearance below …


– is a deeply personal issue that everyone decides for himself. Sometimes the price is high, sometimes low. But this is not very important for life. Life is an interesting thing. And the price on Viagra – too.





5 Comments on Protected: Glenn Barker – MKP Chicago on Public Perspective TV

  1. Glenn Barker on Cable Access Chicago on Fri, 23rd Dec 2011 4:18 pm
  2. […] From Glenn Barker MKP Chicago Center Director This is reproduced from the original article on the ManKind Project Journal. […]

  3. Ted Shay on Mon, 26th Dec 2011 3:51 pm
  4. Being involved with mens work has been a huge asset in my life. Glenn has taught me the meaning of “Mens Work” and I highly recommend men to get involved. The benifits will make a profound difference in your life as it has mine.

  5. Linda Peter on Thu, 29th Dec 2011 11:37 am
  6. Excellent conversation!! My husband did go through the MKP weekend. By going, he took the first step in transforming his life, and subsequently MY life as well, because I am his wife. He became present to how “not taking responsibility in his own life” worked against him in living his life successfully. Successfully does NOT equal money alone! He learned how he developed to be who he is; what wounds he incurred and began his journey of healing; he saw that by being quiet and passive and not being accountable for his own choices in his life he was not living the full, passionate, happy life which he desired. I saw a little movement, a subtle change, or shift, in him down to his core. He saw the places where he was “stuck”; he went from the “unconsciously unconscious” to conscious about his own life, his own issues, began to see his choices more clearly; deliberately choosing instead of “not choosing” which is a choice in itself. From that step he went to ‘Path to Spirit’, where I both SAW and FELT a more profound shift in him. He did (and still does) his work to become more deliberate and conscious in his choices. As he became more clear, he made more and more choices……little ones…..which became larger choices as he began to work within HIS circle of men……getting ongoing support. My husband went from being unseen and unheard…..went from being “at effect” in his life to being seen and heard…..being more loving AND able to RECEIVE love…..being MORE accountable……being more clear…..being in integrity with himself AS WELL AS with those in his world. He didn’t have problems with people…..he was already well liked and respected with friends of long standing and family who loved him. He just had the feeling/experience that there was something in his life that didn’t feel right….less fulfillment…..less passion and more of a feeling of longing in his life, as if he was missing something (my words). I have seen him, loving his parents and their great love for him…..yet there was no hugging, no “I love you”, a distance, a longing, a coolness. Now he speaks his love by saying “I love you”; he takes the initiative to hug and hold his parents; there is a closeness, a warmth, that all three of them see and feel and cherish. The interview with Glenn beautifully articulated so much and I hope that more men and women have the chance to experience this work.

  7. Linda Peter on Thu, 29th Dec 2011 11:45 am
  8. Marc went from being ‘at effect’ in his life to being ‘at cause’ in his life. As Glenn said, it’s the little changes that are so important. I personally understand how difficult it is to change myself and my own behavior….and how many years I’ve been working as well as how much more work I have yet to do. How would YOUR world be different, if, as a man, you knew there was a place for YOU? A place where you could step out of “the way a man is supposed to be” into a place where you were with other men with whom you could feel and speak freely. A place where you could share your feelings and wounds…..a place where men would hear you and provide support when YOU as a MAN needed to be heard and supported by other men to have the life you REALLY want? Thanks for listening. Again, great job Glenn!

  9. Jim Pilcher on Thu, 29th Dec 2011 2:52 pm
  10. Glenn’s passion for men’s work is truly remarkable! I have had the honor of being involved with both Glenn and men’s work for several years. The work is a true examination of one’s selve to become a better man and help others with the same. The men’s work creates an awareness to one’s “shadows” in order to better manage life situations and be the best you can be. I highly recommend men’s work!

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