Documentary Film-maker Frederick Marx interviewed on ABC Radio Australia

December 22, 2011 · Category: Boys to Men, Interviews, Men and Initiation, Men and Relationship 

Warrior Films is Frederick's production company.

Frederick Marx, widely known for his films “Hoop Dreams“, “Boys become Men?“, and “Journey from Zanskar” was recently a featured guest on “the Spirit of Things” radio program in Australia. You can read the full transcript of the interview on the web site.

Frederick shares some great insights about the the work of the ManKind Project in helping men find the skills to live more successful and fulfilling lives – and the connection that our work in the ManKind Project has to mentoring young men through ‘rites of passage’ to become strong role models and good men.

Please enjoy the interview.

Frederick has also been recently featured on the Good Men Project web site with his article ” – is a deeply personal issue that everyone decides for himself. Sometimes the price is high, sometimes low. But this is not very important for life. Life is an interesting thing. And the price on Viagra – too.





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