From darkness I approach; a poem

by Devon Strong

As the seasons change at Equinox, it lasts the winters night, from darkness I approach.
As the cold of frost feathered windows, from darkness I approach.
As snowy footprints under star sparkled sky, from darkness I approach.
It is time for changing or renewing the spirit of flesh, from darkness I approach.

I see before me the vanity of youth and experience of times to come, from darkness I approach.
I take the hand of darkness to lead her into light, this wanton urge to be a guest of truth, from darkness I approach.
She leads the future to my fire and drinks the breath of life, from darkness I approach.
Equinox of Earth and Sun, our time is now and our toil is preparedness for this is the darkness from which I approach.
Breaking the spell of ice and night with welcome and preparations for my galant mistress to spin the wheel, from darkness I approach.

As seasons blow forth storms, crying liquid sundrops in rainbow chasms. The roar of flood reins in the fathomless river flow.
Water of life from Darkness comes. Rainbow of tears from winter’s snow,
frozen once is flowing from her breast.
The season of beauty, unlocked from Darkness, I approach.

Devon Strong,  owns and operates Four Eagles Farm, providing  biodynamic foods to local commuity and sheepshearing and farrier services. He has been writing poetry and practicing native spirituality for past 25 years

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